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"Do you want a fair price and a great job by someone who loves their job? This is the place to go. I came to install a muffler I bought at Autozone. Had I known about them before buying the muffler I would have bought a magnaflow from them. Nonetheless, they were happy to install the one I had. The job was complex as there were several leaks in the system. That catalytic converter and the tail pipe needed welding in several spots. It took no time at all; plus they welded all the joints instead of using clamps along with the hanger. My friends and the original owner of my jeep were impressed. But the real appeal for me (as a business person myself) was the owner's involvement, dedication and honesty. It is customer service at its best."

  - Ken E.


"Alan's was referred to me by the people at Sound Depot right down the road. I just bought a used Scion, on which the previous owner had one of those bee-in-a-coffee-can mufflers on it. I called Alan's while I was waiting for sound depot to install my stereo. He gave me a quote of $75 to take the original muffler off my car and replace it with a normal muffler. I arrived there about 1 PM. He stated to me that he couldn't get me in right then, and to come back around 2.30. I was met by one of the employees as I was exiting my vehicle. He took the keys, and promptly pulled it into the bay. They examined the car, and stated that it was going to be about $30 more than I was quoted as whoever installed the coffee can on there didn't do that great of a job. They brought me to the bay, showed me exactly what they are going to do, and also where the old muffler burned (albeit slightly) the plastic body panel. The staff is extremely professional, and gave me their undivided attention and they treated me as a person, and not just a number. I will definitely return here to have other things done to my car. :-)"

  - Justin W.


"Unfortunately I was in need of a catalytic converter in the worse economical time for me. After taking my car to the dealership that gave me the worse news ever, the cost was huge! I was encouraged to get a second opinion. The team at Alan's Discount Muffler beat the price without even knowing of my previous experience. Right out of the gate they actually took the time out to listen and I sincerely felt as though they genuinely cared and had my best interest at hand. My Jeep is running better than ever and it was done in record time, AND at a reasonable price! Look no further you HAVE to go here! Hands down all my business is going here!"

  - A Google User


"I got a custom exhaust put on to surprise my husband for his birthday. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but they made me feel great. They gave me the choices and told me the price and in the end, my husband loved it. They never talked down to me or thought I was stupid because I was a female and wasn't sure what options, such as tips, that my husband would like. I would say it was a little pricey due to some other quotes I got but at the same time, I would rather pay more for the exceptional service that I got there than pay less and get rude service. They had it done very fast. Would highly recommend this place!"

  - Kristen C.


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