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We'll keep your car in check

Keep those tires inflated and those coolant levels correct. Never let grinding brakes go unchecked. Routine checkups can help ensure that your car lasts a long time.


Bring your car to us and let us handle all your auto issues!

We are here to help with all your automobile needs. Call today and we'll answer your pressing car questions.


We'll provide you with helpful tips to keep your life moving

Regular inspection and maintenance of your car is essential. Giving your vehicle the right attention will save you time and money in the long run. Don't let any of your car's needs go unattended.

“The real appeal for me was the owner's involvement, dedication and honesty.”

- Ken E.


Professional tips from Alan's

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With our in-depth knowledge and experience, you can trust all our car care tips and advice!

 -  Get oil changes regularly

 -  Replace wiper blades twice a year

 -  Screechy brakes mean trouble

 -  Get your noisy muffler checked ASAP

 -  Check brake pads regularly

 -  Maintain proper engine oil/coolant levels

 -  Contact us for more car care tips!